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BT DNS Service Status


My first post and I can't seems to find any guidance on what type of posts go where so hopefully "the lounge" is a safe choice.

Looks to me like the BT DNS servers suffered degraded service at around 17:15 on 2020-06-10. Given that it doesn't appear to be possible to alter the DNS servers on the home hub it kinda stopped us all (5 people) from working. As the person who pays the bill I got the heat for the disruption, sounds fair 😉 Is there a service status page that includes DNS services that I can monitor to save me and BT the trouble of a phone call?

The servers in question are and IP addresses that I know off the top of my head were pingable throughout but addresses such as would not resolve.



UPDATE: looks like I can break DNS for everyone on my wifi network by proxy jumping to upload a file to my work via a gateway server e.g. scp -oProxyJump=gatewaysrv endpoint:file localfile

Anyone tech folk at BT care to ponder why this might be? It's reproducible.

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