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BT Dual Band Dongle doesn't connect at 5 ghz

I have recently got a BT Broadband connection with Hub 4 and a BT dual band dongle (600). The dongle refuses to connect to my desktop Pc at the 5 ghz band but happily connects at the higher band when using my laptop and disconnecting its in built wireless electronics. I want to understand why this is happening. I can see the connection details on the hub manager. When I use a Metageek Insidder programme Inotice that the hub is broadcasting on both bands. Can see the footprint. I have also enabled the 5 ghz band in the hub manager. The laptop uses W7 32 bit and my desktop uses W7-64 bit. The desktop does not have wireless capability other than via the dongle. Could the difference in W7 operating bit size difference be the problem? BT Help seems to think not and blame the desktop mechanical parts. They say that since the laptop works fine with the dongle both the dongle and hub are free of problems. That still does not solve my problem as I want the desktop to operate at the 5 ghz band since there is much lower interference at that band - the whole reason Iopted for BT over Sky whose N routers are not dual band yet.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: BT Dual Band Dongle doesn't connect at 5 ghz

I was waiting for somebody wiser than myself to reply on dongles as I have never used a Wi-Fi one. I have due to an attack from the net which disabled my inbuilt network program on my motherboard installed 2 network cards one for lan and one for wi-fi . After using the set-up disc both worked. I also have a hub 4 . It is sometimes possible that the usb connection gets corrupted or just refuses to work . I take it you have tried it in other usb sockets? If it still refuses to work then I would cut my losses and buy a pci-express  card and fit it in your PC. I have two usb sockets although recognised in the programming refuse to work . As I have many others I cant be bothered to investigate bought a TP-:LINK 300Mbps wireless N pci express adapter[twin aerial] and it works just fine with the HH4-100% transmission. Ditch the dongles okay  for flashdrives but a bit temperamental with other things.

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Re: BT Dual Band Dongle doesn't connect at 5 ghz

Try giving the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies a different SSid on the home hub. ie add a 5 to the end of the 5GHz SSid. You will then be able to see the 5GHz and connect to that separately from the 2.4Ghz

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