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BT Duped me into a new contract by activating the Cloud update

I have just got off the phone with BT who have said i am still in contract until 29/04/2014. Even though i have been a customer since January 2012 for Infinity 2.

The reason they gave is that i activated the BT cloud on 29/04/13 that comes free with my original contract, but because they raised the 2GB to 50GB for this FREE service, i now find myself locked into a 12 month contract with them even though my initial contract ended 12 months ago.

I even paid 12 month line rental 2 years running and those contracts have ended, But this FREE CLOUD service has locked me in to another contract.


The Customer Service Agent tells me there is nothing he can do because the terms and conditions would have been put on the website somewhere. And if i want to get anything done i should try and get help online here. 


I am usually PC savvy and can navigate around Websites and also know when my contracts start and finish for services, but this FREE CLOUD SERVICE got me duped.

I remember the Email saying free with your Infinity 2 . Also on the website it has it advertised as INCLUSIVE,  so to me that means it comes with my original Contract ,FREE as advertised.


Shameful Practice by BT on this. Some people will say its in the Terms and Conditions, But maybe i expect more from BT when it comes to be up front about services and not indicate one thing in the way they advertise in there Email and online, and then hide the other information in Terms and  Conditions.  


Disgraceful Behaviour BT. 

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Re: BT Duped me into a new contract by activating the Cloud update

Hi Darren_S,


Thanks for posting and welcome!


I'm sorry for the problems you're having.  I can help sort things out from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see the link to get in touch with us.


All the best,



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