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BT Extender 1200 settings confusion

Hi. I originally had a BT Extender 600 and this seemed to literally extend my network using the same DHCP settings as my main D-Link DIR-868L Wireless AC Router. Obviously it only extended the Wireless N network. 


I've bought a couple of Extender 1200's thinking they would extend my Wirless AC network using the same DHCP however I'm unsure whether these are actually Wirless AC or not? I got focused on the AC part of the product name of 11AC however I think this refers to the fact it's dual band 2.4 and 5GHz speeds? Is that correct?


In addition all they've done is created two new wifi hotspots, when all I wanted was an extention of my existing network.


Basically my set up is as follows. I have an office upstairs where my PC is, and I have an nVidia Shield downstairs which can stream games from my PC onto my TV. Now, the D-Link DIR-868L Router is next to my PC and the wifi isn't great in my lounge, that's why I wanted to use the extenders. However whereas my D-Link Router DHCP range is, the new Extender 1200's have a DHCP range of  As such my nVidia Shield is essentially on a different network and can't detect my PC. Can anyone help me set this up correctly please (if it's even possible). All I want is my nVidia Shield in the lounge to detect my PC in my office. 


Many thanks

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Re: BT Extender 1200 settings confusion

Hi madwedge,


Welcome and thanks for posting. Did you get this sorted yet? If not take a look through the Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender 600 FAQs and let us know how you get on.





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