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BT Fibre 500 with Asus AX88U Installation Review

Not a question really just had this installed yesterday by Openreach and have to say all went smoothly so far so was running Fibre 2 from day dot and was estimated speeds from 40-80 download to 20 upload which has served me well.


Ive always used my own equipment and never the Smart Home Hub as i run a bit of setup at home alongside the normal items in a household - smart and gaming setup.


Engineer promptly called me 30 mins before, told him where I wanted the fibre to run into which room he managed to drill a hold without issues neat and tidy job terminated outside to the grey box outside scanned and said its live.  Im getting 520 down about 90 up. Im happy i cant really say too much more really.  Just for anyone else looking ive always used the ASUS router range im now using the AX88U, plugged in, didnt change any setup on the router works perfect.

I know the speeds will fluctuate and thats normal but was thinking of moving to a Dream Machine next but they dont have a AX system yet.


Any questions feel free.

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Re: BT Fibre 500 with Asus AX88U Installation Review

Good to hear your setup went smoothly.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but does anyone know is the Fibre 500 service only available in certain places? I have never seen it as an option on either of my accounts (one in Manchester and one in Bristol).

My only options at either location are Fibre 100 (150/30), Fibre 300 (300/50) and Fibre 900 (900/110).

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