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BT Home Hub 3 - Deleted Device Not Reconnecting :(

I have a Lg tv which has the internet apps on it and up till 2 weeks ago was fine. Then 1 day I turned the TV on to use the iPlayer and it was telling me the gateway was incorrect??? 


So I decided to log into my hub and remove the device from the home network map... (I noticed the message "this will permanently delete the device") and continued Smiley Embarassed


After going back to my TV and unplugging and re-plugging the ethernet cable back in, my TV is now flagging up a message saying the gateway is not connected...  I checked back in the device section and the physical connection list is empty Smiley Surprised not good!


I have done a factory rest on both the TV and Home Hub and neither are working anymore, its a LG 42LV550T-ZC


I've tried calling the support but after 6 calls in the last hour and being hung up on every call, I can't say I'm making any progress 😞


This is the follwing message on my TV:

Failed to connect the network. Check if DHCP is set in gateway. If DHCP is not set, set IP manually.


It's worked fine before and no network chanes have caused this ??

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