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BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) issue with AC/AX PCIe cards??

Does the BT Home Hub 5 (type A) have issue handling cards on the 801.22AC and AX standards?

Have a new PC build here, and I've put in two 801.22AX PCIe WiFi cards (not at the same time!) and neither worked correctly when wireless mode (in advanced settings in device manager) was set to AC or AX.

The card would simply not connect at all to the Home Hub. no ping. no IP given. nothing. Windows diagnostics (helpful as ever) just reports IP configuration errors.

But when I set wireless mode to 802.11N, everything works fine.

Seems a bit silly buying a card with AX standard and rolling it back to N, but least it works. Only thing I can think of is that the Home Hub just isn't handling that standard. Any ideas?

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