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BT Home Hub 5/USB Hard Drive



I'm new to BT so apologies if this has been covered before. 


I have connected an external hard drive via the USB port on the Home Hub 5. I'm able to discover the hard drive through Finder (Mac OS 10.5.5), but I'm not able to view the files on the drive (I am however able to add new files). I assume that is because the drive is formatted as Mac OS Extended? Should the drive be formatted as FAT?


Furthermore, it appears that there is a permissions issue. I note that when I am connected to the drive, I seem to be connected as 'Guest', meaning that I'm not able to delete files once they are added. Presumably there is a way to work round this?


The above issues notwithstanding, there is another, seemingly more major issue. The hard drive seems to cause connectivity problems, in that the WiFi on the computer drops out every 5 minutes or so, giving me an error message stating something along the lines of 'Not able to Connect to WiFi via HomeHub5...' The connectivity problems end when I remove the hard drive. 


Any advice anyone is able to offer would be much appreciated.



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