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BT HomeHub 2.0 IP addresses

Not really a problem, but I was checking my HomeHub settings and found two IP addresses quoted, namely 'Default Gateway' and 'Broadband network IP address'. They were different addresses. Does anybody know what the addresses mean, as to my limited network knowledge the two descriptions are describing the same thing?







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Re: BT HomeHub 2.0 IP addresses

Hi Mike,

Your default gateway IP address may be in the format of or or similar. This is the home hub's or your router's internal IP address that is the "gateway" as such to your network.

Where as the broadband network IP address is the dynamic IP address given to your home hub/router (broadband connection) on BT's network. This IP address is sometimes referred to as your Public IP address.

Hope that makes sense

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Re: BT HomeHub 2.0 IP addresses

Your Home Hub is acting as a router between two networks.  One is your home network, the other is the Internet.  The home hub has one IP address as seen by machines on your home network (the default gateway), and one as seen by the Internet (the network address).


If a machine on your home network wants to send a data packet out to the Internet, it sends it to the gateway (the Home Hub), which then forwards it to the Internet site.


If that Internet site sends a response, the response is sent back to the Home Hub at the network address, and the Home Hub forwards it to the machine that sent the original request.

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Re: BT HomeHub 2.0 IP addresses

Wrong! Your routers net address is a public facing IP address. Your internal network has private addresses.
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Re: BT HomeHub 2.0 IP addresses

Why are you replying to a 4 year old post and incorrectly saying it is wrong when it is saying the same thing as you?