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BT Hub 3 / Roku £ Streaming Device / Netflix

I recently purchased a Roku 3 media streamng device and signed up for Netflix American Premiun Service. Whenever I try to use Netflix via the Roku 3 on my TV, a connection error is displayed aganst any one of the the three Netflix servers. I have spent hours on the phone to BT, Roku and Netflix without any success. I have:

deleted BT Parental Controls from my BT account (as this sometimes cleared the problem);

switched off and on the BT Infinity box, the BT Hub 3 router and the Roku 3 device several times;
I have tried to connect the Roku 3 device using both wi-fi and an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable is coonected via TP-Link Powerline;

I have updated the Roku 3 software; and
I have deleted and re-loaded the Netflix app on the Roku device several times.

I have even tested the "connection" when Netflix has failed. Green ticks are sometimes displayed against the Netflix 1, Netflix 2 and Netflix 3 servers. The connection speed varies between 22.80 and 23.50 mbps. [As I have little technical expertise, it looks like there is a problem with the consistenc of the connection.]

On one occasion, I did reach the Netflix sign on screen but as soon as I entered my email addresss and Netflix password, Netflix just hung and did not progress to the selection screen.

I have connected my son's Xbox One to the TV instead of the Roku 3. For some reason, which I cannot work out, I can view Netflix when using the Xbox.

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Re: BT Hub 3 / Roku £ Streaming Device / Netflix

I had this issue since Netflix decided to crack down on VPN users earlier in the year, which is what I blamed it on. May have still been the final straw which caused the HH3 to throw wobblies with Netflix.


I had issues with Sony TV's unable to connect to Netflix at all with other devices throwing up 113 errors, and others before finally connecting.


The issue appears to now be resolved by upgrading from the HH3 to the HH6, been running it for a week now; Netflix now connects on all devices with no issues.


Even my Amazon FireTV box has stopped losing its network connection since upgrading to HH6, and this used to happen multiple times a day.


Perhaps not the answer you want to here, but replacing the HH3 sorted it for me.

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