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BT Hub 5


I have a BT Hub5 and had it for two years or so with no problems what so ever. Yesterday it stopped working and I lost my broadband but my phone still works fine.

I checked the usual things as you do but it just keeps going through start up sequence finally gets to blue then starts all again.

I reported this fault to BT who ran some tests and confirmed I had a fault on the line and an engineer will need to attend to check things ??

Then I contacted them again on instant chat and they cleared the line and my internet came back on line and I used this for a few hours before bed time.

This morning I get up to find it has gone off line again so I ring BT and they got me to do some things my end with socket, cables and re-set the hub but no joy, they now say they can’t fix it remotely and I will have to wait for an engineer to visit.

I said why do I need an engineer to attend my house when they have confirmed that the fault is on the line but they still insist, what a waste of time as I now have to take time off work just in case they need to come into my house not sure why as nothing has changed it was fine now it’s not.

I requested that they either send out to me or at least make sure the engineer has on there van a new router just in case and they said they can’t send me one or give one to engineer as it’s there policy ????????.

So basically I’ve got to take time off to be at home just in case they can’t fix fault in the BT box at end of my road and if for some strange reason it was my hub I will have to wait for them to send me one after the engineer has been.

I also asked to speak with the Tec dept Manager Nathan who was too busy to talk to me so I requested he gives me a call back of which 3 Hrs later still no call, I then tried to ring them back and they have blocked my number as it rings once then goes dead but if I ring on my mobile they answer.

I find the customer service dreadful and an absolute waste of BT shareholders shares money to send out and engineer and not to have a Hub with them it’s a case of we’re nit bothered if you don’t have internet you’ll just have to wait absolutely disgusting customer care.


I await your response BT !!!


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Re: BT Hub 5

If you dial 17070 - option 2 with a corded phone and make sure the line is silent. 

Yes - engineers can't carry routers because they deal with all providers not just BT but if you're in a contract they should send you a new one. This is most likely the issue. Then the engineer can set it up. 

Obviously in the unlikely event when they don't need access to your home, you don't have to be there. 

There isn't a lot to do, it's standard.


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Re: BT Hub 5


This is just a customer to customer forum so your post does not go to BT.  but one of the moderators may see your post.

If your phone line is working, without any noise on it, then its more likely to be a faulty home hub 5,

Try the usual fixes for the home hub, in this order and see if it helps.

factory reset the home hub.

Then turn Smart Setup off.

If it does not help, then if you are still in a contract, then request a replacement home hub.

If you are not it a contract, and do not want to renew to get a free home hub, then you can simply buy a third party router for about £40.