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BT ISP Caching!

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Hi guys, 

Simple, question: Is this possible that BT is caching customers web traffic?

Why I'm asking this? I'm a web designer and never had similar problems before... well I had but I never thought that my ISP might be the trouble maker here. This has been suggested by my hosting specialists and it seams to be really true. 

I have all caching disabled literally everywhere, purged at website level as well as at every single browser and hosting side too, and people outside my local network can see totally different things than I see here. 

Even went through all this stuff with highly skilled hosting guys who maintain hundreds of servers daily and they said all together that this magic things might only happen because my ISP caching is enabled at some point.

Anyone came across this kind of stuff? 

Many thanks. 

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Re: BT ISP Caching!

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Have you checked your own host's file to make sure you're not routing to another server?

If it's only you and not others like you say then the issue could be with your desktop/laptop. Maybe you could connect the device to a mobile wifi hotspot to determine if it's the actual device?

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Re: BT ISP Caching!

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It turns out that the Cloudflare was the problem. 

Even if their cache was flushed and the site was paused on their end they ware still displaying the wired stuff to the users. So, I removed the site from Cloudflare completely and the problem persist. 

Until now it took good 6h to stop Cloudflare from displaying my website! What a nightmare!

This must be due to their DNS's propagation, so when user is pausing their services, or removing the site, they are changing their DNS's and this process always take some time. 

Terrible stuff tried Cloudflare once and never again. I prefer to have a less safer and slower websites than waiting multiple hours to be finally able to see what changes I have done to the site. 🙂

Thanks anyway...