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BT Infinity and Apple Airport Extreme

Hi Everyone


Wondering if anyone can advise please?

We recently moved to this property (November, so imagine we have the most recent home hub or router or whatever), we should be getting around 32mbps. After many speed tests, troubleshooting, fault reporting, etc, we're getting around half that. We've spoken to someone online tonight who said an engineer will come out to look at it, but if it's found to be our fault, we'll be charged £130. 


My question is this: could the apple airport extreme be the problem? I'm pretty sure it's not, but don't want them to come out and blame that and be stuck with a £130 charge. We've used this exact same set up for a few years, with a couple of different  broadband providers, including BT, at a couple of different properties. It's only at this new house where we're having awful speeds. 


Is the way i've got the airport extreme set up still correct? The hub is plugged into the socket and then an ethernet cable into the airport extreme, where we manage our wifi network. We use the airport extreme as we like to use it to back up using time machine on both Macs in the house. Is this still the best set up? 


I'm not the most techy person, so i'm hoping this is still ok? Any advice is greatly appreciated. If it is the airport extreme causing the problem, i can at least cancel the engineer appointment before they come.


Thanks in advance


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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Airport Extreme

Welcome to this user forum.


You need to run a speed test using a direct Ethernet cable from the home hub to the computer.


Could you please post the results from the BT Wholesale speed checker, including the further diagnostics.


Make sure the Airport Extreme is disconnected.



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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Airport Extreme

I suggest you take the following steps:

1) connect your laptop to the BT smart hub port and use to test the speed.

2) after getting the result from step 1 above,  there is 2 choices a) re-run test and b) Further Diagnostics.  Choose b) for further details

3) Note the line that read like the following:

IP Profile for your line is - xx Mbps

4) check the IP profile speed meet your subscribed plan with BT.  If not,  this is the case to file a complain against BT

In my case,  my BT smart hub is not stable recently (may be after their push of firmware upgrade).  The frequent disconnect and even reboot of BT smart hub trigger BT remotely to downgrade your ID profile speed in order to stablize the broadband connection.  They sent in line and broadband engineer to check.  The engineer call up some number to reset my ID profile and restore the speed back to my subscribed plan. 

But the continuous disconnect and even reboot of BT smart hub bring down the speed again.  I bought Openreach modem and replaced BT smart hub with my Apple Airport Extreme as router,  called for the engineer to come and reset the ID profile again (actually there no need for their engineer to come but this seem to be their standard procedure).  Now my broadband speed stablize with the promised speed for past few weeks without problem.

But then I figured out my BT TV did not work with Airport Extreme with my subcribed channels (received IPC6023 error with blank screen) even I enable IGMP snooping as suggested in other posting. 

Chatted with online support,  they just follow their standard procedure to ask me to connect BT smart hub again to check.  What is the point of using BT smart hub to keep BT TV subcribed channel work?  I would rather have my stable broadband speed promised by the plan subcribed !

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Re: BT Infinity and Apple Airport Extreme

Good answer but the thread is almost a year old and the OP has not been back since posting his problem so you may not get a reply from the OP.

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