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BT Router and Apple Time Capsule clash

I have a BT Smarthub 2 and I have been using Apple Mac Time Capsule external wifi back up drives.  About a year ago I noticed that the BT wifi was dropping out at regular times, mostly in the evening but sometimes in the daytime too.  The drop out affected all devices including iMac, work laptops, iPhones but not necessarily all at the same time.  I checked the network for external interference but could find none.  

Working through the problem I decided to unplug the 3 x Apple Mac Time Capsule drives that I  had been running on the wifi network and immediately the problem seemed to resolve itself.  As a control measure I reintroduced the Time Capsules, one at a time and in different orders.  The problem always came back so I have had no option but to leave the TCs turned off permanently, or at least only to turn them on as and when required to back up the iMac.

I'd really like to find the root cause of this clash, to see if anyone else has experienced it and if there is a solution which will enable me to run the Smarthub 2 and the TCs at the same time without the network dropping out.  Can anyone help please?

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Re: BT Router and Apple Time Capsule clash

I have found no solution so far, but I have the same problem. I've tried connecting the Time Capsule directly and via power line networking (just in case it was a power issue). No luck; if any one else has any idea, I'm all ears!


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