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BT Smart Hub 2 (whole home) and Sky Q

Hoping someone can help. 

I recently switched too BT Whole home and have the Smart Hub 2 + 3 Discs.   I have had Sky Q for years and never an issue having used various routers such as Netgear R8000 and most recently Linksys Velop (Mesh system). I have been on BT Broadband for many years and never used sky nor its own equipment. 

Now, with the BT Hub all is broken - similar to other posts I can find, the main Skq Q box and the mini's lose their connection everyday and  results in no end of effort trying to get them to reconnect.  It is driving me mad - I have tried everything I can see suggested from static IP assignment to  changing the Sky and/or Hub channels, frequency etc. Nothing changes. 

Nothing else in my house has any connection issues - and I have a lot of devices to say the least. 

SO, do I cancel BT and switch to Sky,  or do I cancel Sky and move to BT TV  -  no option seemingly ensuring I have a reliable TV service?

 Anyone actually ever managed to find a sustainable ab permanent fix to these issues as it doe snot look like BT nor Sky are interested in resolving it. 

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Re: BT Smart Hub 2 (whole home) and Sky Q

Hi, Have you White ( Whole Home ) or Black (complete Wi-Fi) discs ?
If White, and using your Netgear R8000 router you said it's ok is that correct ?
If the above is ok or you have Black discs call 150 they should help.
I have been told that Sky Q has its own MESH network and both can't exist on the same Wi-Fi . How is your Sky Q connected via the disc or direct to the HUB?
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