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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Hi @fred2103


Can you send us over your details so that we can look into the problem you're having.  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

I've finally given up with this BT 'Smart' Hub and I've reverted back to the Home Hub 5.

Firmware 2044 certainly hasn't fixed anything for me and I regularly get no Internet connection.

Restarting the hub a number of times usually gets it working again, but it will only work for anything from a few hours to a few days at best.

This Smart Hub was a complete waste of money...
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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements


Have done as you requested but not expecting much as past experience

has not raised my hopes. Thank you anyway for your help which lots

of other frustrated BT customers will await too I'm sure..


Just getting the Technical Team to take the issues on board urgently and

set about sorting it once and for all would help immensely.

After all it's been going on for 6 months or more.


This should be a priority before you introduce any new features with their potential bugs.

Nice if you could update this forum with what BT IS DOING ABOUT THE ISSUE

and I realise we may have to be patient (getting a bit thin though).


If I could charge you a minimal amount for the unproductive hours I

have lost......!!!!!


BT just not providing the service I contracted for, and they don't seem

unduly bothered and any form of customer support I have come across

is completely ineffective with no end in sight!! Even INDIA call centre

tell me they are not allowed to escalate issues they can't solve.The last advice

I got was to"wait a week" and what will you do in the mean time ? I ask..

(Long silence)...."Um....Nothing" and what will that solve? I ask......

Phone line went dead...The usual India get rid of customer procedure. 

 Check on line what has happened to this registered fault "Resolved" 

In fact the last 3 faults (all the same issue) are all reported as"Resolved"

How can that be ??..... 

BT Customer Service score 100% so we don't have any customer problems!!!




Rant over!!


Thanks again.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Another day another firmware update, (according to the technical log and the fact that the router took itself offline overnight and had to be manually re-booted this morning,  but confusingly the same firmware version as previously shown (SG4B10002244).


Has it simply re-installed itself over the existing firmware?


Very confused.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

What message in the log points you to a firmware update. I assume it's a 'TR69' event of some sort

but could be wrong. Most of the log is unfathomable.

2244 has been around since Nov 2016?

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements



I am looking at Advanced Settings > Technical Log > First Summary Page where it lists 'Firmware Version as 2244' and 'Firmware Updated 03 Feb 2017'.


The same Firmware version was shown as an update for me last year.


Unless I am misreading something?


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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

You're not - my f/w updated 1st Feb with the exact same firmware version. Band Steering STILL not enabled.
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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Noticed any improvements??

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Nope!! Haha!
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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Wow, I only joined BT last September after issues with my old ISP... and what I'd read at the time indicated the HH6 was the best thing since sliced bread.


So imagine my surprise when after a few weeks my first one started acting up. Many calls, web chats and weeks later I finally persuaded them to send me a replacement, this one didn't last more than a week. The people I'd spoken to had also indicated that I may have an issue with my line but refused to send an engineer unless I stumped up money which I wasn't going to do.


Come December I finally got an engineer for free who was happy to tell me that the master socket (installed by a BT engineer less than 18 months earlier when I switched to fibre with my old ISP) was wired wrongly and replaced it. He also gave me my first inkling that there were issues with the HH6.


So anyway I persevered and by mid January I decided another HH6 was the answer. So I called, spent another week messing about with tests before they finally sent me a replacement. That one also lasted only 3 days.


So this is what happens:


* Plug it in and turn it on. Takes about 2-3 minutes to get a connection to the Internet (my previous non-BT hubs have connected in seconds) but after this it runs very well. A few minor mods to the config to allow my employers VPN and my own hosted servers to work (Dynamic DNS and NAT) and I settle down to life.


* 3-5 days later I start getting intermittent network loss. Sometimes DNS refuses to respond but I can ping things for which I know the IP address. If I reset/power cycle at this time it's game over. Access to the management on it is slow.


* After several hours of this I lose all internet access. All DNS queries respond with the IP address of the hub. WiFi still works but I cannot open the managemnt gui at all, even on a directly connected wired device. Power cycle is useless, the device comes back up but then cycles through amber/flashing amber lights. WiFi connects but no management gui and no Internet. Even factory reset has no effect.


I can (and have!) run the link for weeks with no problems on one of my own old hubs (believe me, my 5 year old Netgear is hopeless with WiFi and my trusty Apple Airport is useless as a hub with BT - there are reasons I wont go into here).


If I leave a dead HH6 for a day or two I can then, if I'm willing to spend an hour with it, coax it into doing a factory reset. At this point I have to reconfigure it from scratch, sometimes it will restore a configuration backup, sometimes it won't. But once done I can use it again but after 3-5 days the cycle starts all over again.


I am so frustrated. BT haven't even acknowledged my last message telling them my latest HH6 has failed. I don't want to have to buy a third party hub as I want to be able to use the free BT WiFi which requires me to use their device (plus, based on BT's advertising I shouldn't need to buy another hub!!!)


Does anybody here have any information that might show light at the end of the tunnel? I suspect at this point that if I ask for another replacement I'm just going to get another faulty hub.

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