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BT SmartHub 6 + Orbi : no IPV6

I have a BT Smarthub 6 since a month. No issues there.

IPV6 does work when I use the wifi provided by the Smarthub.

I put an Orbi RB50 router (wired to port 1 of the SmartHub).

  • Internet works fine 
  • I don't have IPV6 anymore

I tried to setup the orbi both as a router, or as an access point, I don't get IPV6 in either cases.. In router mode, the IPV6 config of the Orbi is a bit erratic, the auto-detect keeps on detecting different styles of IPV6.

My questions : 

  • Has someone here made that pair work ?
  • If so what is your exact config ?
  • If I were to configure IPV6 manually on the routeur, what are the settings ? (which flavour of IPV6 is used ?)
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