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Re: BT Smarthub & D-Link 880l

DGW1 Thanks.

I have tried the settings/set-up you suggested and still the same. Athough I can see IPv6 enabled (and usable) on the Smart hub, I cannot get the D-Link to see it. There are a number of options for the D-link (Automatic, PPPoe etc.) on the IPv6 tab, but I don't know enough to enter the advanced settings these require to try any of them. Looking more and more like I will have to buy a DSL Modem. So anoying as the reveiws of the £20-30 ones are mixed and I can't afford to add £80 plus onto the cost of the router I incorrectly bought.

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Re: BT Smarthub & D-Link 880l



You could have a look at the IPv6 advanced settings page and see if any of the following are listed.  If the D-Link supports a /56 Prefix Delegation it should work.  I may be mistaken but I suspect D-Link may not properly support IPv6.


IPv6 Connectivity Native


DHCP_PD Enable


Auto Configuration Setting Stateless


Connect to DNS Server automatically Enable


Enable Router Advertisement Enable


You will still need a proper modem for this to work as intended.

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