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BT Whole Home WiFi and Ethernet connections

this is my first post on the Community, hopefully someone will be able to help.

I am interested in Whole Home WiFi but want to be sure that it will do what I want before I buy. I have a BT Smart Hub (not Smart Hub 2), and I am trying to get better WiFi coverage through the house and garden by replacing my old Apple Airport. All rooms have wired Ethernet ports which connect to an unmanaged Cisco switch. So what I am trying to achieve is a single mesh WiFi network, with seamless handover between discs,  but I also want to make use of the speed and reliability of the Ethernet ports. So if I buy a 3 disc Whole Home, can I connect each disk to the Ethernet port in the room and get it to operate as I intend ?


Thanks, Paul

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Re: BT Whole Home WiFi and Ethernet connections

Hi PBenny,

That's a very good question and it needs BT TECHNICAL to answer please.

Or to publish good documentation about their Whole Home discs' capabilities and limitations! I've yet to find any.

I don't have any experience with the BT Whole Home discs yet, but I'm also trying to find out if they'll work with a LAN cable connection (ideally from a master unmanaged Switch unit connected to my BT router hub) before buying. BT Broadband help (on 0808 100 6116 ) have told me that the primary Whole Home disc has to have a LAN cable connection to the router hub, which makes sense. Whether secondary discs can also be LAN cabled (and if to any advantage) I don't know. And can each disc's LAN connection can be via a Switch rather than direct to the router hub...???

My GUESS would be that a multi-disk setup will depend on the WiFi between the discs to coordinate the hand-offs etc. rather than the LAN cable connections. But they might have been smarter and able to use either (the fastest) route - WiFi or LAN cable.

I hope someone with the technical knowledge of what these BT discs can really do and their limitations will answer please. Better yet BT, publish good product documentation as well!!!

Best wishes,    IanBJ

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