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BT WiFi disc not releasing when moving closer to router

Hi all. Received new broadband kit when renewing contract and it comes with a WiFi disc extender, easy enough to setup and thought it would help improve WiFi across the wider areas of house. What I'm seeing though is devices connect to the WiFi disc and as you walk further away and get closer to the router it doesn't release and connect you via the router. I'm assuming this is not how it's supposed to work. Router is closest to kids bedrooms and only way to get them decent WiFi is literally to turn off the WiFi disc downstairs so they then connect via the router upstairs... I'm assuming the way it should work is if you get closer to the disc it will have you using that disc as the WiFi access point and as you walk away from it and get closer to the router it will then drop the connection to the disc and start using the stronger connection on the router. Or am I wrong and that's not how it's supposed to work? Looking for some advice from folk if possible. My router is upstairs in my office and it always resulted in poor WiFi for people downstairs in the conservatory. I placed the WiFi disc downstairs about mid way across the room to give better distribution of WiFi downstairs. Seems ok until the kids are in their bedrooms upstairs and aren't using the router as I would expect as their access point, instead they are still using the WiFi disc downstairs as their access point. As soon as I switch off the disc downstairs I can see their connections are way better when the router is the only access point in use as it obviously forces them to use that then as the only access point available. So how should the discs work when people travel between the distance of disc and router? Should it swap access points in a smart way to give you access to the stronger signal?






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Re: BT WiFi disc not releasing when moving closer to router

Your devices decide which signal to connect to, not the discs or the hub.

This is why I prefer waps with discrete SSIDs that you can then manually switch to.

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