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BT blocking ports

Are bt blocking ports for gaming after speeking to black ops 2 support this is what was said



You: ok bandwidth is 3020 nat open connectivity info is A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H..I.J.-.L.M.N.-.-.-.-.

Normallah P: Thank you for providing me that information Rob.
Normallah P: As I checked the Connectivity Information of your game, some of the port that the game is accessing are closed and might be the reason why you are having connectivity issues. I’ve just checked Activision services and everything appears to be in the green. I’m going to send you and email that contains some basic recommendations to resolve this issue.

Normallah P: Please be aware, if the Black Ops 2 server is optimal then the issue may lie with your home network or ISP. If
you are unable to follow the steps given to you by
email please contact your router/modem manufacturer or ISP for advise or assistance.

Normallah P: May I know your email address were I can send the email?
You:  please tell me it not port forwarding as i have tried all this on 4 different routers hardwired into modem and two different internet provider and tho letter stay the same

Normallah P: May I ask who help set port forwarding on your router/modem?
You: well ive been gaming for 15 years i know how to portforward and ive used if its the ports whys my nat open ive also used DMZ which opens all ports
Normallah P: I see. If that's the case, you must see the letters from A thru R.



Now ive tried port forward dmz different routers and those letters will still not open can any help this is on ps3


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Re: BT blocking ports

Hi Rustynails,


Thanks for posting. Take a look here for some help with port forwarding. Let us know if that helps.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: BT blocking ports

did you read the post i know how to portforward but they do not open so after been passed on to 5 different usless indian call centers i was given a tech number which they said could fix the problem but they will charge me 


because they support gaming but not port forwarding which you carn't game on closed ports so false advertising why should i pay for an error on your side so what iam going to do is cancel my debit payments which the bank intill this is fixed

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Re: BT blocking ports

withholding you payments will not resolve your problem all that will do is cause your service to be suspended and ultimately cancelled for non payment if you have used 4 different routers and 2 different ISP's and you are still having problems then sorry it has to be something you are trying to do that is incorrect as there are many people who game here with no problems the forum would be full of posts like yours  but there are not 

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