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BT keep closing faults without fixing the issue.

So BT have closed two faults now without fixing the issue. 


I have a 'upto' 300 FTTP line which I get perfectly as long as it's not peak time. At peak time i get anywhere between 10 and 200 at random.

I've raised this as a 'fault' since the line speed is so random and so far part but keep being told that the line works so it's not faulty. 

I get the whole 'upto' BS but there is no point me paying for such a connection since I don't get even close to that speed at any point I want to use it but BT won't allow me to change to a 'upto' slower speed.

I'm going to be raising a compaint with BT on Monday over this but does anyone know of any governing bodies to also take this to?

It's also a PITA talking to anyone since the FTTP are not on the webchat which is another fail as every other department appears to be. 😞



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Re: BT keep closing faults without fixing the issue.

Hey GDL, In regards to your slow speed issue - granted the term "up to" is thrown about alot, but you should be getting around 250 - 300mbps directly wired into your home hub at any given time ( Providing your device can support over 100mbps ). and Wifi Id say 180 - 220 on a good device that is new and has a good wireless card.

If they are running the tests on your line they will see the SYNC rate that is going to your white fibre termination unit, Not on your home hub, and the line test results they get are historic, So say if you calling in the evening they may have a historic line test result from a few hours earlier.

In terms of actually fixing the problem you may want them to check the SVLAN status on your line, Now if the status of this is RED on their systems it may be that Openreach have over filled the capacity on your line, however they can implement a fix to move your line to a Cooler SVLAN, to which it should resolve your issues.

Now with these type of faults it is hard to determine the direct cause as the SYNC rate will always show on the system as correct, to give yourself some ammunition before calling in , Be sure to run multiple speed tests on (Wired Direct to the hub) before calling, Only because it will collate the results and populate on their diagnoitic testing whilst it is searching for a fault.



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Re: BT keep closing faults without fixing the issue.

Hi Luke.

Yeah, 250-300 wired would be acceptable given the 'upto' value.

I'll keep the ping test results at different times of the day as ammo and give them another call back end of the week, that should be long enough to collect some data.


Many thanks for the reply and the information. 


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Re: BT keep closing faults without fixing the issue.

Well as an update to this:


If I phone up I get 'cut off' while I get transfered between departments. 
The FTTP team are STILL not on the live chat function.
Every call back never happens.
The report a fault webpage no longer loads.
And the futher dignostic page highlights BT's.. em.. Lack of service.
Bt's speed checker shows some interesting lies and outright comical answers. 


Due to the error below I've now signed up for Vigrin and cancelled the BT's direct debit.
Since using their system I don't have any service with them, I'm more than happy to take this down any route BT want to.

I've got fault numbers, times of calls, duration and a very detailed log as well as voice recordings of every time I've phoned up.

Your move BT, I'm not chasing you anymore.
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No Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services have been found at this address. Please check the postcode or use the Telephone Number or Service ID to conduct the test.
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