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BT messing with my ping, knowing I can't switch to any other network.

Hello everyone,

I don't know what I can do at this point. My father has been a long-time customer to BT and have had years of good connection, but only up until 3 months ago I have received an issue with ping spikes that started off quite tame, with the ping spikes spiking to the 100's. Now they spike to the 1000's. After 2 engineers who came over to fiddle around with the wifi channels that I could've done myself, and the second engineer even bloody turning off my router firewall saying it will allow connections through better (I turned it back on obviously), then an openreach engineer came over to fiddle around, only to have done nothing. I am not alone in this issue, below is a link to a thread that links to multiple other threads of people encountering the same exact issue.

The issue is BT prioritising where data is sent to, and the money is made in streaming services like netflix. So you can kiss a stable connection anything else goodbye. Now I kind of just endured this ridiculous ping spikes to the 1000's. But now BT have decided, ah lets mess with his internet even more as he has no other network that reaches his address apart from our openreach network. Starting yesterday, I now get a long period during any time of the day where my ping is stuck in the 200's, making anything impossible apart from emails or loading up youtube videos. 

really bt.png

Yes have I have done EVERYTHING possible to see if it was anything wrong from my end apart from replacing the master socket, which it couldnt even be because its in mint condition. Called BT, and for like everyone else who is experiencing this issue, they tell them "We dont guarantee ping, we only guarantee download speed and upload speed". What an interesting take. To me its like selling me a car with no wheels.

My question is, what the hell do I do? If no other networks apart from the openreach network reaches my address, am I stuck with them pulling this on me and taking 70 quid a month? Any advice would be very appreciated, thank you.

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