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BT whole home wifi speeds versus ethernet


This is not really a problem, more of a query. I have a NAS drive and store a lot of media on it, mostly music and family photos. I was using my BT WholeHome wifi to upload and download to the NAS drive. I also have in the same computer a Gigabit ethernet connection. I started to get a little frustrated that the speeds were not that great. Typically about 6 or 7 Megabytes per second. This evening I turned off the wifi and my speeds were instantly 10 times faster on a simple wired connection. I'm sat in the same room as the disc which is also wired in to Gigabit ethernet.  I thought that WholeHome wifi was supposed to be very fast. It certainly connects my TV and my mobile phones without any issues. 

Am I doing something wrong that when wired Gigabit ethernet and WholeHome WiFi are both connected at the same time the home network is a lot slower than is is when I'm just using Gigabit Ethernet. Although internet speeds are equally good on either or both. For now, I've turned off WiFi on my laptop and will leave it off when I want to use the NAS drive.




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