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BT wifi has poor connection to Facebook and Whats-App

I have good quality BT Fibre broadband; a speed test returns 40MB and ping 8.  The internet seems to work OK, however when I log on to Facebook or WhatsApp it takes an age to download messages. I am faced with the connection icon endlessly turning and no messages appearing. Eventually it does connect but may take 10s of minutes or even 2 hours before the messages appear.  If I shut down the Wi-Fi and use 4G mobile phone data the WhatsApp connects immediately and works perfectly.

The problem persists when other people try to use my Wi-Fi with their phone.   However, if I am in another location away from home, and use Wi-Fi all is well - so it’s not a problem with my iPhone. 

I’m sure it is a problem with my own BT Wi-Fi router only. I recently upgraded my BT router from v4 to Smart Hub 2. However although the Wi-Fi signal is stronger it still has the same problem connecting to WhatsApp and Facebook.

I wondered if there is an interference problem in my home, however my phone is connecting at 5G and I cannot see any interference or indeed any other Wi-Fi carriers on my Wi-Fi monitor app.  The 5G Wi-Fi band appears clear.

Any ideas please?

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Re: BT wifi has poor connection to Facebook and Whats-Appgv

By BTWFI do you mean your home wireless connection from the hub and not the BTWIFI-Fon network

did you turn off smart setup by going to hub manager then advanced settings then turn off smart setup

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