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BT900 speed being limited by Wholehome Discs

I have recently had BT 900 installed and I’m receiving speeds , just short of 1000 mbs into the house. But I’m finding the speed from my whole home discs which are roughly 3 years old is limited to approximately 200-300 meg. Is there any way I can speed the discs up or should I look to replace my smart hub two with a Wi-Fi6 router to try and boost speed?

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Re: BT900 speed being limited by Wholehome Discs


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

What single device needs more than 300Mbs, that is far more than application would need. Probably 30Mbs for a single device is more than enough?

You are unlikely to get anything like the full speed over wireless, on a single device.

It was never intended that people get full speed on all devices, especially on a wireless connection. The intention is to allow that bandwidth to be shared among family members and multiple devices, without each user noticing any slowdown.

If there are just a couple of users, then 900Mbs is a waste of money.



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Re: BT900 speed being limited by Wholehome Discs

Thanks for the reply, we have 3 users and approximately 30 connections at any one time. Between the three nodes the speeds really drop when in heavy use, to the point where some devices will grind to a halt. In an odd way the robustness of the system seemed better before the 900 upgrade. Now the discs seem to be really struggling to keep everything going. Is that normal?

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