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BTHub 3 - drops signal on regular basis

I am new to BT - 4/5 months; I moved from Virgin because the wireless signal on their hub (the so called super hub) was absolute rubbish.  So rubbish they releasded me form the contract.  Well, BT is worse.  Unbelievably worse.


I use a mac, so many of the self help tools aren't available to me.


I email support and they tell me to chnage the channel.  Then one of my PCs at home won't connect to the new channel.  They tell me it is the belkin USB connector so they won't help; I query this, they don't listen so I change the channel back and get connected!!


I am then told by a different agent that the channels I have an email telling me to chnage to are incorrect and i should use different channels.


I ask for this to be lodged as a formal complaint and support has gone quiet and will no longer repsond to my emails.


Yet here I am paying £45 a month for a connection that constantly drops and where the Hub is rebooting several times a day.  But BT just seem unable to offer any help or advice.  

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Re: BTHub 3 - drops signal on regular basis

Its a very common problem, but can usually be solved.


I do have a help page which should give you somewhere to start. Its quite often a channel or encryption problem.

Interference is a major issue, with the large number of wireless users.


No ISP will guarentee a good wireless connection.

Wireless problems and things you can try, to resolve them

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