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BTHub 5 provides excellent signal all around the house except one room.

I have the BT Home Hub 5 at my house. We live in a 2 bedroomed bungalow. Me and my wife both have computers in the living room which is where the Home Hub is and both our computers get maximum wireless signal strength all the time.


But my son has a custom built gaming PC and an Xbox One in his bedroom which is about 10 feet away from the Home Hub and his computer only gets around 2 out of 10 bars of wireless signal and the internet wont connect unless his computer is plugged in to a signal extender and his Xbox One is constently disconnecting from Xbox Live. It is getting quite upsetting for him.


When we go through the troubleshooting system on the Xbox it first says to reboot the Home Hub and wait for 30 seconds which we did and nothing changed. Then it asked us to make sure our Home Hub wasnt filtering out the Xbox's MAC address, which we have no idea what it means.


We have even took his gaming PC into the living room to see if he has the same signal problems and in the living room his gaming PC got 10 bars of wireless signal strength, but as soon as it went back in his room it was down to 2 bars again.


Can somebody please help us with our worrying issue.

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Re: BTHub 5 provides excellent signal all around the house except one room.

It is possible that the construction of your home is blocking the wireless signal. Some homes have foil covered insulation or metal framing supporting plasterboards which make it difficult for the wireless signal to penetrate.


It might be worth considering Powerline adaptors and connecting his devices via Ethernet cable to them.


Meanwhile you should make sure you turn off "smart setup" on the Homehub. See link how to do that.​28/~/switching-smart-setup-on-and-off-on-the-bt-h...

Some devices have a problem with the Homehub dual band having the same SSid (name). Try giving the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies different SSids. Just add a 5 to the end of the 5Ghz SSid so you know which is which. Check the 5 GHz Sync with 2.4 GHz: is set to NO.

Once you have done that "forget" the connection on the devices and then restart the device and log onto both the SSids if the device can use both frequencies. Not all devices can use 5GHz. You need to log on any other devices that you use such as laptops, phones etc to both SSids that can use both.

See this link

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Re: BTHub 5 provides excellent signal all around the house except one room.

You can install wireless signal display software to check out the signal, and sometimes small changes in position or orientation of the hub may help.


eg: for Windows,

for Android:


There are others for those platforms, and I am sure there are equivalents for osc and ios.

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