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BTHub 6 (Type A) Logs - Help

Hello All,

I have been looking at the logs on my BT Homehub 6 (Model A) and found some entries as follows (last 3 couplets of the MAC removed):

wl1.1:Device <E0:99:71:**:**:**> was disconnected on SSID (Device/WiFi/SSIDs/SSID[WL_REDSIDE_O1_2G])

wl1.1:A WiFi device <E0:99:71:**:**:**> has successfully connected to SSID (Device/WiFi/SSIDs/SSID[WL_REDSIDE_O1_2G])

Can anyone clarify what this relates to? I know that other lines in the log refer to my 2.4 GHz and my 5 GHz WLAN as I can see my own devices connected to them. I do not recognise the device that connected to the 'REDSIDE'. Am I right to assume that this is the BT FON / BT Public WiFi WLAN? Do people need the BT App or a BT account to use this or can anyone join it? 

Thanks for your help


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