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Best VDSL Router Recommendations?

Hi Guys, 


So i've had enough with BT's equipment now, and am looking to reach out for a 3rd party VDSL intergrated router. I know some people recommended a few a couple months bacm but i cannot find the post at all.


Im preferrebly looking for something that will provide me better line stats, and better connection rates than the HH's. HH's always seem to not be giving me the full potential speed from my line and will always sit about 10-15mbps under the sync rate. Max data rate shows potential (if being reported correctly)


Looking also for:

  • Reliability
  • Expansion
  • Intergrated tools for testing
  • Easy to use firmware
  • Reasonable cost
  • Dual-Band & Powerfull (Not a necesity, but would be helpful as my walls must be made from steel as the HH6 struggles to penetrate most)


  • Business Tools ETC (Business Customer of Infinity 2)

If anyone has any recommendations, and if they have had experience with any 3rd party VDSL modems, and what your line stats were before and with the 3rd party modem then please leave a reply 🙂

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Re: Best VDSL Router Recommendations?

Considering the use you intend I would think one of the DrayTek VDSL routers would be most suitable.  All the bells and whistles you could possibly need.

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Re: Best VDSL Router Recommendations?

I use a separate modem, router and WiFi so can't give any recommendation for integrated units, but I'm not convinced about Draytek modems/ Draytek.


Product price is high, support is poor (at least for the two cases I've raised in the last month) and the 'best' firmware seems to be hit and miss (see Seeking Help Diagnosing Line Drop-outs) and from Draytek's own release notes:


"Modem code 579f17 is a later firmware version and is provided as an alternative firmware which can be used if disired."


No mention of when I might 'disire' [sic] to use the alternate modem code.


In terms of DSL statistics, the Lantiq based Draytek are not as comprehensive as Broadcom based modems, and they're not supported by DSLStats / MyDSLWebStats. This means you have to manually go and check how the line is running, or 'roll your own' monitoring solution as I've now done. If simple, reliable, 'hands off' monitoring is important check the List of compatible modems for products that are supported.


On performance, I changed from an unlocked Openreach (Huawei HG612) modem to a Draytek Vigor130 and am really disappointed. Regular line drops for the first week or so has seen my line sync speed drop from 59Mbps to a banded 49Mbps. Line has since stabilised and sync'd for the last 10-days, but still pretty poor for a high end, high priced product.


I may be biased, but I'd go for a Broadcom based solution such as Billion, XyZel etc. I'd also make sure CLI i.e., SSH/telnet access is possible as that will give best access to any test tools that the product may have. Perhaps take a look and/or ask the same question over at Kitz



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Re: Best VDSL Router Recommendations?

I can agree with the contributors here, having moved from HH5A to 5B then Draytek then Zyxel.


Xyzel was (from an advert I found, can't confirm its authenticity) to have created VDSL modems in collaboration with Openreach to work (better) with Huawei DSLAMs using the Broadcom chipset.


I can confirm faster dowload speeds and max data rates and stable wifi since moving to Zyxel.

VMG 1312, 8324, 8924, 3925 for modem routers and ZyXEL NBG-418N v2 if you only need a N300 WiFi Broadband Router. 

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