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Beyond a joke.

My internet speed is at best 1.5mbps, and with 2 little brothers playing games on their phones, my sister on facebook, girlfriend on facebook, parents on their laptop... when I do a speedtest I get 0.26mbps.


Our ISP is TalkTalk and they claim that it's BTs problem and they cannot do anything, Id appreciate talking to someone in charge of getting **bleep** done, as Its a **bleep** take that everyone around me has Fibre, but I do not qualify for it as BT have done half a job and not enabled my entire area, just 4/5ths which in itsself is absoloutely stupid. 


Making over £2 Billion in profit and not being able to do a decent job is a **bleep** take. I cannot even get STANDARD Broadband.


Oh and I forgot to mention my Job is a Web Designer and It slows down my income drastically due to not being able to get website revisions live as quickly as I need to. 


Would appreciate someone that can make a change actually replies.



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Re: Beyond a joke.

this forum is for BT broadband customers as you are not a BT broadband customer no one can help you it is your ISP's responsibility to deal with the problem by contacting Openreach who maintain the network
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