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Broadband Extender 600 kit with replacement YouView recorder - My FV recorder died (RIP)

Hi all 👋
After 7yrs my Freeview recorder died (and this was a 'hand-me-down from my Mum who had it a fair few yrs before me ............ RIP, you did me proud) and I am looking to replace it ASAP.
I have seen a Humax DTR-T2000 for sale on Flea-Bay that includes a BT Broadband Extender 600 Kit and I am wondering if it is worth paying the slightly higher price to have it included?🤔
As there is no WiFi capability with the Humax DTR-T2000 I am wondering if this is a good way to connect my (non-smart) TV to the internet (via the Humax box using the extender kit) to enable the use of on-line 'Catch-Up' services?? Or does this not work the way I am imaging it to??


I can't connect a YouView box directly to my hub, using an ethernet connection, as it is in another rom (~30ft away).
I am new to this type of set-up as I have only known an old 'basic' Freeview recorder and so all and any help would be very welcome.
Also, I am on a very limited budget so if anyone has any suggestions as to comparable/as good as YouView boxes and/or Extender kits then I would greatly appreciate your feedback!
Ta Kindly x x x x



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Re: Broadband Extender 600 kit with replacement YouView recorder - My FV recorder died (RIP)

Yes, the powerline adapters do work as you think but:

That Humax is getting a bit long in the tooth now at getting on for 10-years-old. As such I'm not sure it would be much use for current apps. For that I'd suggest a Roku Express at around £20 new.

So once we take networking as a requirement from the DVR, the powerline adapters become moot, as they wouldn't be needed. So you can then just concentrate on a DVR that fits your budget, possibly a BT DTR-T2100. Again a bit elderly & the interface may be a bit sluggish but should be cheap.

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Re: Broadband Extender 600 kit with replacement YouView recorder - My FV recorder died (RIP)

Thank you for your advice @rbz5416  👍
I am not so concerned with having the on-line catch-up services, as I have managed just fine up to now without them, but it was nice to find out that if the extender kit works as advertised it would be a great 'extra' to have (rather than viewing those services on my 8" Kindle!🙄😁.
I have heavily researched the Humax models (and many other affordable FV/YV models), those that are still supported and get updates, and the DTR T2000 was the best and within my budget. I do understand that it is now >10yrs old but my last Freeview recorder was actually 17yrs old when it died last week 😲 so hopefully I will get a few yrs out of a 10yr old Humax 🤔 .
The DTR T2100 is actually an older model than the T2000 (by 4 months - Feb 2014 vs Jun 2014, based on the information I found) and according to the reviews its UI is very clunky, sluggish and slow to react compared to the T2000 model but other than that the 2 models were comparative in every other aspect and that was why my choice was the T2000 as it had more positive reviews.
Thank you for the recommendation for the Roku Express (I honestly didn't know that you could buy this sort of equipment for catch-up streaming 😲) as my parents have said that they would love to have this service for their TV after I mentioned it so I am going to recommend it to them 👍!
Again, THANK YOU so much as your help and advice has been very much appreciated!!! x x x

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