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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

as I posted already you posted stats with stable 8 days connection so problem is wireless connection not internet connection

have you tried using wifi analyser on phone to see networks near you and channels in use?  you can the select a free channel or less congested channel where your hub wifi is strongest  I would not use channel 36 if you have SKY Q

have you also tried changing the wireless modes from 1 to either 2 or 3?

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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

Yes, the problem is getting the wifi out of the router!
I have tried an analyser, however i just do not understnad any of it! Cannot make any sense, but also dont know how to change channels outside of the standard 1, 6 etc and 36, 44, 48 etc.
Yes, also changed modes and still got thesame outcome.

We have engineer booked to come out in a week so fingers crossed they can weave some magic and show me whats happening. I Hope.

Many thanks for your input Imjolly.
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