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Broken connection date promises, how to get the truth out of BT?

I'm moving into a new build development of just 15 houses next week, where the developer has laid the ducts and provided the connection points for BT to "simply" connect the houses to the local exchange.


The first owners took occupation in June and have been waiting for the cables to be drawn and the upgrades to the exchange to be carried out that will give us all landlines and access to broadband choices. Right now, there is nothing.


Every time I, or any of the current or future residents call Customer Services, we keep being told that an update is due shortly from Openreach and we should be sorted out in the next two weeks. Today's answer was "you'll be done by October 15th"


As a group of homeowners, we have spent hours on calls, listening to music and repeating our requests to the overseas call centre, and nobody is giving us a straight answer.


So, can anybody guide me as to who I should contact at BT, or indeed Openreach to find out when the work is scheduled to take place? Am utterly fed up and bored with dealing with a monopoly company with no interest in the needs of its customers.


Would welcome thoughts on where to turn.



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Re: Broken connection date promises, how to get the truth out of BT?

Openreach do not deal directly with the public so your point of contact is BT sales and the information they have will be current
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