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Bt Infinity placement problem

I recently upgraded to BT Infinity from my Bt homehub2.This was to increase my speed on my laptop but mainly

to get a better connection and speed when I have my grandson over with his xbox console.

My homehub was located in my living room but according to the Bt Engineer who came out to set up the new hub and router this wasn't my main box and for reasons I didn't really follow he ended up making the box in my small third bedroom the main box so the infinity router and new hub went in there.As I usually use my laptop in that room I asked if  the stronger signal would be available throughout the house particularly in the living room where I have a freeview box and where my grandson plays on his xbox.The engineer assured me it would.--RUBBISH... the signal in my living room is now much worse than with my old hub.The first time my grandson tried his xbox he only got 1 bar signal and it took several attempts to get connected.Halfway through a game the connection froze and he lost all he had been working on.

I phoned the helpline and they just changed the channel on the router from 1 to 11.

Today(14th sep)my grandson is here again with his xbox,again a few attempts to connect and only 1 bar showing.As he is fond of telling me at home he plays his xbox in his bedroom,the connection comes from an old white home hub in the lounge downstairs and he gets 4 bars connection.!!

My laptop when in the room where the hub is has got quicker,so it should its a few feet away from this supposedly

fantastic Infinty router.

I wish I had listened to the warnings from friends and family about the inflated benefits from Infinity.

I had to pay for the Engineer's visit.I am not happy ,in general I am worse off than before.(I can hear my grandson moaning about the connection as I write!)If I was able to move the hub down to the living room would it then adversely affect the speed on my laptop?This is not at all what I imagined I would get from Infinity.According to my sister who used to work for BT the engineer should have run a cable from the box in the kitchen(this turned out to be the main box-who knew?)to the lounge,a distance of about 30 ft.The box in the third bedroom is directly above the kitchen one so presumably that is why it became the main box.Oh and I also discovered that the box in the kitchen is now dead and it is the only one in the house where I do not use a cordless phone so the phone on the wall next to the box is now redundant.I definitely did not realise I was going to lose that connection.Sorry to go on and on but I would not recommend Bt Infinity to my worst enemy!!!!

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Re: Bt Infinity placement problem

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No ISP will guarentee wireless connection strength, as it depend on the layout of the house.


There are things you can do to extend the coverage, and these pages should give you some ideas, aspecially if you still have your old home hub 2.


Wireless connection problems


Network connection problems and possible solutions


As far as phone extensions are concerned, if your original phone extensions were wired incorrectly, then the Openreach Field Technician would have needed to change them, to ensure that Infinity would work properly.


All extensions need to be connected to the new Infinity connection box, as shown here.

Has your Infinity Installation been wired correctly?


This may have not been possible in your case, owing to the layout of your existing wiring, however you may be able to reconnect the kitchen extension, by following that diagram.


The other alternative is to purchase a couple of digital handsets, and plug the base station into the bottom of the Infinity socket.

This is a much cheaper and easier way, and is the method favoured by may contributors to these forums.


Any upgrade to high speed Internet, would have involved the same changes to the wiring, as old internal phone wiring cannot be left connected directly to your line.



Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.