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Bt wifi dish and netgear wifi extender via lan

Hi lovely people

please help…

so a family member has bt internet with the bt wifi dish’s dotted around his home.

he is trying to get a wifi signal down to the gates on his property to add security cameras.

today i purchased  a netgear AC750 wifi range extender

the plan is to run ethernet cable from the back of the bt wifi dish down to the gates at the bottom of the drive where the netgear ac750 will be fitted and use the netgear ac750 in “access point mode”  so in theory creating another ssid in access point mode to then connect the gate camera..

the problem we are having is when we plug the ethernet cable into the back of the bt wifi dish device and then in to the netgear device the light on the bt wifi dish then goes red and we can not access internet..

as soon as we unplug the ethernet cable the bt wifi dish light then goes back to blue..

the netgear ac750 device will work with the bt internet when used in “wifi extender mode” (but this wont suit our needs) but as soon as we switch to “access point mode” on the ac750 and connect the ac750 to the bt wifi dish via ethernet the bt internet wifi dish light goes red and we can not access internet…

I have taken this netgear ac750 unit home and plugged it into my virgin media hub and set it up as an “access point” to which the ac750 has worked correctly and set up very simply so this netgear ac750 unit is correctly working.

So can anyone shed any light as to why this netgear ac750 device will not work with the bt wifi dish via ethernet cable and as an access point. 

sorry for the long post and thank-you for your time 
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Re: Bt wifi dish and netgear wifi extender via lan

Is it possible to run the Ethernet cable to the hub instead of the wifi disc?

The discs form a mesh and I suspect they don't play nicely with another wifi device that doesn't form part of the mesh being connected to them.

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Re: Bt wifi dish and netgear wifi extender via lan

Hi thanks for the reply its much appreciated..


so the router is in another location and the cabling has already been put into the ground and run down to the gates not where the main hub is.

so let me explain the whole set up..


there is the main router in the house..

there is an ethernet cable run underground to the summer house from the main house / router

so from main hub in house to a secondary hub in summerhouse via ethernet then there is this bt wifi dish in summer house that extends the wifi then the plan was ethernet off of same bt wifi dish in summerhouse down to gates to the netgesr to send out wifi st gates for security cameras and so on..

in the main house where the main hub is located there is another bt wifi dish that extends the wifi down the main house and into the garage where off the back of that bt wifi dish there is an ethernet cable that then runs over to the barn and into a tp link router that then send out wifi in the barn. 
so how can one of these bt wifi dishes work with having a tp link router plugged in and working correctly but then the other bt wifi dish in the summer house that we are connecting this netgear device to via ethernet is shutting the net off on the bt wifi dish (light going red) no internet access

it confuses me that the netgear is conflicting when in access-point mode via ethernet in the summer house when in the other end of the main house the tp link router is working fine being connected to a different bt wifi dish in the same way that im trying to get this netgear one to connect and work.

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Re: Bt wifi dish and netgear wifi extender via lan

Also i will try and plug it into the router direct to see if it will work as i need but the end result is this netgear wifi extender can not stay in the main hub as the wiring is not there for it to use as planned 

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