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Business Hub/Wireless Access Points - Issue Since Powercut

Hi all,

I wonder if you can help me please….I am currently renting a house which is on a wider site which includes a couple of business buildings etc (all linked). A BT business hub runs all sites with various wireless access points and sub-networks in the other buildings.

In the house I am in there is a private network run from the main hub which has 4 x TP-Link Wireless access points around the house as it’s over 3 floors and old. The other night we had a few power cuts and 2 of the WAPs stopped working, I managed to fix one by just unplugging the LAN cable and then rebooting it however I mistakenly pressed the full reset button on one of them, this one has not worked since.

When any device is in range of this WAP it connects and gives a full signal but there is no internet, when I then move back to another area all is fine so I know it’s an issue with just the one WAP (note. when I log into the GUI of the business hub the WAP in question shows a ‘connected’ status)

I apologise in advance for my limited tech knowledge but I am presuming me resetting it has lost the IP address which the main hub recognised for this particular WAP? I just wondered if anyone has any instructions which can walk me through how to re-assign the WAP and get it back into the network as I’d like to try and resolve it myself before having to get someone in to look at it!


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Business Hub/Wireless Access Points - Issue Since Powercut


This is the BT Residential Customer Forum, and would not be able to help with the business hub, as its totally different to the BT Smart Hub 2.

You could try asking for advice on the BT Business forum.


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