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Can I connect a BT Complete WifI disc (the Black one) to my SmartHub 2 with an Ethernet Cable ?

I haven't posted here for 2 years and finally I have FTTP (installed on Wednesday) and with 2 Complete Wifi discs (the black ones) I am totally satisfied with the performance and reach of my single wireless network in my home.
(It all works as designed !)

I have a question regarding the use of the Complete Wifi discs on behalf of someone who lives in bigger, longer house with thick brick walls who is getting their FTTP installed next week and wants advice on how to ensure that they get decent broadband throughout the property.
I know the place and I am 99% certain that the Complete Wifi setup just won't work or if it does, the signal attenuation will severely degrade the performance.

They have CAT 5 (or greater) cabling throughout which they already use for various extended Access points and I am wondering if, after going through the pairing process, it would be possible to connect one of the black discs to the SmartHub2 using an ethernet cable simply to allow the discs to be placed far from the router.
Then the Disc (and the other two if required) could be used wirelessly to extend the range of the Wireless Network so once again, wherever a device is, it will connect to the single Wireless Network.
OK, I'll accept that in the distance between the Router and the cable connected disc, there may well be a blank spot, but ignoring that, will what I have described work ?
And if so, are there any tricky sequencing issues regarding setting this up ? I have read posts which describe similar issues where it seems to depend on the order of connecting things.

Once again, apologies if this has already been answered.


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