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Can't order BT Infinity for my address due to database error.

I will be moving home to a new build in the coming months.  My house is not yet complete but it is U/G fed so I want the BT plant and everything sorted well in advance of me moving in so I don't have to be without broadband.


I know my new address but the BT site says Infinity is not available but if I put in another number on the same street is says it's ok.  Please can somebody point me in the direction of someone that can sort this out?  


I spoke with Customer Service on the phone and the representative just said it's not possible and that I'd have to settle for ADSL first.  I know this to be BS.  All cable to the estate goes via a fibre enabled PCP.  If number 2 can get FTTC then number 10 should etc.  Cables are cables and ports are ports.  It's not rocket science.


Distance is not a problem as the PCP is well below the maximum distance for FTTC provision.  Mobile signal in the area is weak and I never want to go back to standard ADSL.  Please help. 😞


All I want is a PSTN line provide with FTTC cab only provide done at the same time.  It can be done!  I've done it before.

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Re: Can't order BT Infinity for my address due to database error.

You need your new address on openreach database and until that happens you won't get fibre


try writing to openreach.

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