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Cannot get a home network functioning with new bthub and infinity

As a relatively new BT infinity customer I simply cannot get a home network up and running...


I have one PC which is hard-wired into the router and two laptops, all running windows 7.  I have discovered from this forum that BThomehubs don't like Windows own homegroup utility so I need to ensure that all devices are on the same workgroup.  OK, done.


Every sharing option is checked and even my printer properties are slected to share all.  The printer is wired via USB into the main PC.  I can 'see' my laptops from the PC and vice versa through windoes explorer but can only access the laptops from the PC, not the other way around which is a pain for transferring files (one of the key reasons for haveing the network in the first place!)


My printer is an Epson all in one PX650 which worked quite happily when I was a Sky Boradband customer from all devices.  Now I can't even see it or seemingly add it to the network... in fact I'm not even sure I have a network in the truest sense.  This is too hard BT when your competitors made it so simple.


Any thoughts will be much appreciated...

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