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Chrome says Hub settings page is unsecured and can't connect

Whenever I type in to access my hub on WiFi it won't connect, it just goes to a Google search list ironically showing 192.168.I.254 with capital i instead of 1.

I read a thread where someone had posted the http://bthomehub.home link and that worked *BUT* when i typed that exact same link in myself instead of clicking the link it wouldn't connect, just goes to another Google search page. The URL is at the bottom.

The only way i could connect to my hub was through the link on this site but not typing it myself then magically just now if i put http: with the http before the IP it worked

*BUT* again chrome gives me a warning not to enter any sensitive information or any passwords because it could be stole by attackers, which is obviously what i was going to do, 

*Your connection to this site is not secure* the identity of website has not been verified or is not encrypted.

Seems a bit weird if this happens for everyone, having something as important as your home hub open for attackers to steal the passwords leaving them free to take full control of the smarthub and broadband connection?

So does this happen to everyone or just me and what should i do? Another strange thing is that when i pressed the button saying forgot password i got a 501 error which I thought was really strange.

No way to connect to my hub except by a link on this site which doesn't work when typed in exactly by myself, 501 errors, then several spam calls within a few minutes of that saying they were from BT, something about a fault and to press 1 for something (forgot) or else it would be disconnected, press 2 to disconnect.

Forgive me if I'm paranoid but all this seems real strange seeing I've never had a problem before except chrome has always said the hub settings page is unsecured and not to enter passwords, which i have to do.

Any help greatly appreciated because there are many other problems with the hub suddenly switching off and on in the early hours etc.







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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Chrome says Hub settings page is unsecured and can't connect

The home hub management page doesn't support Https for some bizarre reason known only to BT.

However, it's not a security risk as it is a private IP address only accessible on your LAN

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