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Connecting secondary socket



I moved into a home where there are two telephone sockets, one in the downstairs living room and one in the bedroom upstairs. When I got BT infinity, the engineer put a new faceplate on the socket upstairs, and we've had the phone and router plugged in there ever since. The socket downstairs still has the original faceplate.


I now want to move the router downstairs, but I tried plugging into the downstairs socket and it can't get an internet connection. I tried plugging the phone into the downstairs socket but there's no dial tone.


Do I need to get a BT engineer to come out and connect the downstairs socket? 



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Connecting secondary socket


You are responsible for any extension wiring.

If a new filtered socket has been fitted, then you will not be able to use the extension socket for broadband, but you should be able to run an additional data extension cable from the master socket, to the location of the extension,

See this guide

Its quite possible that the extension wiring has not been connected to the master socket, as described in that document.

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Re: Connecting secondary socket

It could be that when you requested the upstairs socket to be the ‘master’ socket , the ‘extension’ cable that ran from the downstairs to the upstairs was reutilised and became part of the line to the master , to achieve this the downstairs socket becomes redundant, if you want to reverse this and go back to how it used to be, then strictly speaking you will need an a Openreach engineer , and it would be a chargeable service.
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