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Connecting to PPPOE using 3rd Party Routers

All had been running smoothly for years until I rebooted my pfsense box 2 days ago. It's (was) attached directly to the ONT and configured to login to PPPOE  using U/N "" and p/w "bt" and never had an issue.

Then I rebooted by pfsense box - wan down.

Sometime over the previous 19 days it would appear BT have changed something their end and I can no longer connect. I've had to put the Smart Hub 2 back in and daisy chain to pfsense via DHCP. Not really ideal for me - it should be an unnecessary hop.

I've also tried with openwrt and opnsense and neither of those machines can connect anymore either.

I note the smart hub (which admittedly I don't know very well) says its connected to vlan36 now:

ppp0:The WAN DHCPv6 Client Process has successfully been launched on Vlan 36

Which I tried tagging that vlan on the switch for my opnsense test box (router on a stick setup) by assigning vlan36 to the wan interface but to no avail.


Anyone out there know what's going on or had similar issues?

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Re: Connecting to PPPOE using 3rd Party Routers

Nothing has changed with the PPPoE login, if it had all the BT hubs would stop working.

It would seem to be a bit of a coincidence if BT suddenly decided to change something at the exact moment you rebooted your pfsense box!!

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Re: Connecting to PPPOE using 3rd Party Routers

I didn't say that.

I was wondering if it had changed sometime over the previous 19 days while I was already connected. I presumed extant connections wouldn't get kicked off.

I'd understood the ONT stripped any vlan tagging off. That vlan 36 normal?

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