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Connection and website access madness

Hi folks,

For the past couple of days I've stuggling with a bunch of internet access problems that I just cannot fathom. Everything was fine and has been working fine for 3-4 years but all of a sudden, without any kind of pattern or consistency, the Windows PCs and laptops, mobile phones and tablets (WiFi or ethernet) have started disconnecting and not being able to reconnect. If I can get them to reconnect then it is a lottery whether they are provided with internet access through the router and then whether they can access any websites (except Google sites and Netflix) though I can ping and log into the Hub 5. Once connected, Google sites and Netflix seem to work fine whatever. Only my Chromebook, on WiFi or ethernet, seems to work reliably whatever.

I have a relatively new build 3-storey house with an ethernet network but very poor Wi-Fi penetration. My Hub 5 is in the office (telephone master socket) on the middle floor in a room (outside the main wall of the house) over our garage. I have a pair of TP-Link TD-W9980s acting as WiFi access points and ethernet hubs on the top and ground floors. Our hot water tank between the Hub 5 and my son's room (no ethernet port) on the middle floor which blocks WiFi so I have a powerline WiFi adapter between the office and my son's room. All WiFi networks have different SSIDs.

To try to cure the problem I reset the Hub 5 to factory settings, reset both the TD-W9980s to factory settings and re-set them up and replaced the Hub 5 with a new Smart Hub 2 that I was sent a few months ago but not used. Nothing has made any difference.

Does anybody have any idea why everything would suddenly go so squiffy and have any idea how to remedy it? Could it be something on BT's side seeing as Google, Netflix and my Chromebook all work fine?

Many thanks!

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