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Connection drops out

I have posted before to no avail.

Our connection has been dropping out for almost a year. At least once a minute. We live in a rural area so we rely on WiFi calling, and it’s starting to become ridiculous as important phone calls drop out, such as calls to the doctors etc, my other half is working away and I can’t even speak to him because of the connection dropping, anyway, BT can’t find any problems.

Things I’ve tried.
Changing wireless mode 1 2 3.
Separating the bands.
Changing the WiFi channel.
Changing the wires in the router to new wires
Changed the micro filter
Turning off smart setup

Sometimes the broadband light goes red. Sometimes it doesn’t. It happens across all devices.

Is there anything else I can try? Because we are so fed up of paying for mediocre service. We cannot switch provider, we live in a rural area and BT has the fastest line. We tried to go with sky who rent the line from BT and cap speed. We got 0.6mbps so it was unusable.

Anything else I can try. I’m at the point of giving up on internet, moving to the mountains and becoming a hermit.
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Connection drops out

Did you try @Keith_Beddoe  suggestion of the tplink router

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