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Continously dropping broadband connection Suspected smarthub bt plus doesnt cover hub!!!

I have had a problem for the last couple of months with my broadband connection keep resetting, first a bit of background information.

I have Bt infinity 2 with a bt smarthub v6a for the past 18 months had a connection speed of 79down 20up excellent as the green cabinet is about 10ft away.

I joined Bt Plus because of the broadband price freeze, anyway as luck would have it (or so I thought) I thought I will report the fault as I had lost connection over 5 times in the past 24 hours and my speeds had dropped 62/20, so I phoned the Bt Plus help line. I explained the problem she ran several tests over a period of 30 minutes, but nothing showed as a problem her end so I requested my mini 4g hub to keep me connected, however I was politely told I wasn't eligible as the hub wasnt covered, Just be warned it does state it in the small print of the T&C's. This is an ongoing saga with a second engineers visit booked for Monday speeds now 42/15 my money is on the hub being at fault but they won't send a replacement untill the engineer has been.

If you made it through all that thanks for reading Nigel

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