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DHCP and HomeHub6

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I am less than inpressed by HH6 - my first (and hopefully last) experience of BT routers!

It might be fine for basic use but anything marginally more that standard and  . . . . . [/endrant]


I want to use a static IP address for one of the PCs on my home network
So I change the adapter settings to the required IP address  192.168.1.nn
Subnet mask:
Default gateway: the router
DNS server:            Google (
Alternate DNS        the router

I tick validate settings in exit.
And the 'status' reports DHCP is not enabled for Local Area Connection. Of course not, I want to fix the IP address. There is no connection to the local network or the internet

A look inside the router settings confirmed DHCP for the router is active with a range starting just above the static IP I set in the device (coincidence?)  But what is hte problem the device has a valid IP address so why not use it


(as a by the by I cant seem to change the range even thought he router appears to offer the option - it does not let me  enter a new range of IP addresses.


I set everything back to Automatic IP addresses from DHCP and it wiorks fine,


Any ideas why this does not work. I am pretty sure this is the way I set things up with my old tp-link router


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Re: DHCP and HomeHub6

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Less than optimal DHCP performance seems to be quite common on the hubs.  Certainly was with the three I have.  Worked, sometimes, sort of.  It would be best to go back to the TP-Link if possible, or invest in a new third party router.

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Re: DHCP and HomeHub6

Go to solution  This may help from @Keith_Beddoe help pages. You need to be logged into home broadband to view

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Re: DHCP and HomeHub6

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Helpful but . . .
Anyway I set it up as per this (only one change from my original setting which was the primary dns)
And it worked
Changed it back to what I had originally and it worked.
Checked it against what I had written above and its the same and it still worls!
Well that was a waste of a couple of hours!!

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