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DHCP setting changed on HH5. But not by me ??


Woke up this morning to no internet and nothing wireless working. All was fine and dandy when i went to be last nite.

After much trying to resolve on pad and laptop wireless and restart button and then power of and power on with no joy I plugged the laptop into the HH5 with the cable that normaly connects the sky box and low and behold i was in and the systen was running and connected.

Now i have the HH5 running as the main DHCP and had set the range to to

This gave me 40 IP addresses. The wired kit was all on 20-30 range and the wirless units all on 31-40 just by fixing the IP address of the connections once they were in the map.


Now when i got in this morning via the cable the range was -

Not how i had set it and there is no way anyone in my house could have changed.


Changing the end Address back to resolved the issues and all is now good.


However i'm very worried that something / someone has changed the settings.

Lookedin the logs and there seems to be nothing there altho lots of data.

If the unit had glitched and fully reset the i could kind of understand that but for 1 field to be changed and very specifically changed ?? im foxed.


Does anyone have any advise or pointers or and answer to help put me at easy


many thanks B.



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