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DLNA & HomeHub 5

Hi All,


I've just had BT Infinity 2 installed and have noticed that the HomeHub 5 seems to not work out of the box with DLNA. Is this by design?


Brief overview of my setup. I have UP&P enabled and extended security enabled.

I have a Synology NAS with media server enabled plugged into an ethernet port on the HH with a static IP address of x.100

I have an Xbox one also plugged directly into the HH.


The xbox media player app does not see any DLNA servers - similarly my TV (which is also hardwired but via a switch) also sees no DLNA servers. Luckily on the TV I can use the DS Video application that works fine and this also proves there is connectivity between the NAS and the Network/TV.


I REALLY don't want to have to shell out for a new VDSL router if I can help it - DLNA has been out for years now, surely it should be something the HH supports?


Any hell you could provide would be awesome!

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Re: DLNA & HomeHub 5

To add a little bit more to this, I seem to have some success by disabling the 'smart setup'.


This allows my devices to see the DLNA server.... sometimes. It is VERY hit and miss. 


This DLNA server has been working away solidly in my network with various routers/switches and if I switch my network back to the Virgin Superhub that I have until the 28th August I can use it absolutely fine.


Time to price up a replacement VDSL router then... *sigh*

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