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DMZ and open ports

Hi all!


This is my first post on this forum 😄 I've been tinkering around with honey pots and set one up on my home network. A tutorial I was following mentioned about putting it in the DMZ. So I did. When I was at work I conducted a nmap scan of my home router. SO MANY OPEN PORTS! Of course setting up a DMZ this is to be expected. HH being HH only the honeypot is in it but I'm a little worried that even though I have only put the honey pot in the DMZ, are all the opened ports open to the rest of my network? As I understad it I am wrong but I am concerned just want to double check! Also when I turned of the DMZ and did another scan I found port 4567 to be open. I quick search flagged up a few results. Many people seem to say ignore it but others have said its possible for to be a back door. If I type in my public ip:4567 I get faced with a login page! I have heard that BT install a backdoor on their routers for the NSA and GCHQ normally I'd fob such things off but would be interested to know what is going on with that open port! 


Thanks in advance guys!

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